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Your resource for professions in bilingual health & social services.

4Korners Family Resource Center seeks to establish a comprehensive information structure to enable bilingual health and social services professional interns to access Laurentian-based, regional health care organizations. In addition, 4Korners hopes to promote the professional and social benefits of working in the Laurentian region.

[ Information about internships was made possible through a grant from McGill University and Health/Santé Canada. ]

An Overview

The Laurentian region includes 8 Municipal Regional Counties (MRCs) which are served by the Centre Intégré de Santé et de Services Sociaux des Laurentides (CISSS). In the region, there are a total of:

  • 5 hospitals

    St-Jérôme, St-Eustache, Mont-Laurier, Ste-Agathe, Lachute

  • 11 CLSCs


  • 13 Residential Care Facilities

  • 5 service centers

  • 1 psychiatry outpatient clinic

  • 1 detention center


Click on any tab to access information and links to internship and career opportunities in each Laurentian territory serviced by the CISSS des Laurentides.

MRC d'Antoine-Labelle
MRC d'Argenteuil
MRC de Deux-Montagnes
MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut
MRC de la Rivière-du-Nord (St-Jérôme)
MRC des Laurentides (des Sommets)
MRC de Thérèse-de Blainville

High School Students

4Korners_Portrait of smiling young african college student
High school students can discuss an internship for a day with their guidance counselor. Most institutions allow high school students to explore the possibilities of a career in the health and socials services sector by shadowing a professional for a day.
Guidance counselors can contact the human resources departments directly to learn how to organize internships for their students.

University, CEGEP or DEP Students

Diverse university students
University, CEGEP or DEP students can use the resources of Place aux jeunes en région which seeks to facilitate internships out of urban areas. For more information: Place aux Jeunes (partly translated to English).

The McGill Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project

The McGill Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project contributes to Quebec’s initiatives to ensuring English-speaking Quebecers have access to the full range of health and social services in their own language through measures designed to build and maintain a sufficient complement of health and social services personnel capable of providing services in English. The project is an additional tool to support the implementation and enhancement of regional programs of access to health and social services in English as provided for in the Act respecting health and social services.
The objectives are to ensure English-speaking people receive effective communication in their language from the health and social services professionals serving their needs and to increase the number of English-speaking professionals working in the health and social services system.
4 Korners continues its collaboration with McGill University to bring English-speaking health and social services professionals to the Laurentian Region. Please email us at for more information.


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