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Programs and Activities
4Korners offers a wide range of programs for the Laurentian English-speaking population
that focus on healthy lifestyles, mental health, foster creativity, and provide support for youth,
families, individuals, seniors and caregivers of the elderly.
Arts and Culture
We provide cultural and creative community programs and activities that strengthen and enrich
our minority-language community with partners collectively.
Individual, Family and Youth
We provide various programs, activities and support that focus on healthy lifestyles, mental health, and parental and caregiver support.
We also work to enhance the well-being and educational success of English-speaking children and youth in the Laurentians.
We partner with schools to give children and youth access to a variety of enriching services.
Seniors and Caregivers of the Elderly
By running Senior Wellness Centers in multiple communities and providing numerous programs, activities and support centered on stimulating
social interaction, improving mental/physical health, learning new skills and receiving resources and information,
we aim to break isolation and improve seniors and caregiver’s overall quality of life.
Social and Economic Development
We work with partners in the employment sector to encourage youth to build skills with training, internship programs, entrepreneurship,
and potential work placements. We offer bursaries for students in Health and Social Service through the McGill Retention Program.
We are also working collectively on local social support programs such as food security.

activities & events